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We are pleased to present ClinicalBiotec S.A, a company founded by a highly qualified group of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of clinical research. We offer competitively priced services of high methodological quality. Our services are governed by standard operating procedures that allow us to achieve a stable quality focused on continuous improvement.

The company´s corporate purpose is the design, implementation and execution of clinical studies (conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medical products of either natural, synthetic or biological origin, including medical equipment, biochemical reagents and new medical and surgical procedures), as well as the management of clinical sites for the conduct of trials inside and outside of Ecuador, and the training of health professionals in this field.

The company will aim to dedicate itself to any of the operations included in Level 2 of the CIIU: human health care activities; As well as the stages or stages of production of goods / services, marketing, storage, export, industrialization, exploitation, distribution, research and development, promotion, training, advice, brokerage, investment, construction, import of the aforementioned activity .

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